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Your stories - Tyler

Tyler is 5, he has ASD, global delay and is waiting for the results of genetic testing for additional issues.

Tyler is under the local SWIFT team who work with children with severely challenging behaviours. He has been using sensory equipment at school with great benefit and the team felt that having access to similar equipment at home could help his parents in their routines to help regulate his behaviours.

As with many parents with a child with disability his Mum has had to give up work to care for him and the family were not in a position to afford to purchase what is expensive sensory equipment. This is where the Butterflies Children’s disability fund stepped in. Following a referral from the SWIFT team they filled out an application form which was countersigned by one of the occupational therapists. The application was approved, and the equipment sourced and delivered to Tyler.

Mum Emma told Butterflies that:

“Having the equipment at home has made a significant change in Tyler’s life. He needs it to regulate, and it is surprising how much benefit he gets. He uses the trays all the time and can access them himself. The chews release endorphins which give him comfort. He didn’t used to be able to tell them he needed it but now can. He has a pop-up tent in the lounge and using it together with other strategies can really change his behaviour. It’s like a treatment to help him regulate. I can’t thank Butterflies enough for providing this for us.”


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Maisie designed our logo!