“I need support”

Before you apply for a grant you need the support of a health professional, involved with your child, who will countersign the application. This person does need to be relevant to the grant. So if you want a piece of physical equipment, someone like an occupational therapist can help. If you want support with a communication device probably a speech therapist. You will need their email address to complete the application.

When you have completed the application form it will automatically be sent to your nominated professional. When they have completed their section it will come in to us. The Butterflies committee meets every 6 weeks and reviews all open applications. We will let you know on the day that your application is due to be considered. If your application is approved, the equipment will then be bought.

It is important to provide detailed information on what you are looking for and who we should buy it from. If you are looking for more than one piece of equipment please input them in the order of priority for you as we cannot guarantee to be able to buy everything you need, even if your application is successful.

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