Butterflies Children’s Disability Fund is a local charity helping disabled children living in the Dorset DT postcodes. We provide grants for equipment that is not funded by local authorities.

We have been able to help children obtain disabled pushchairs, weighted blankets and clothing, Crelling harnesses, iPads for communication, eating tools, sensory equipment and other disability aids.

We can also provide grants for training and seminars.

We work with health professionals to ensure all the equipment provided is safe and suitable for the individual child’s needs.

Please contact us if you are in need, know someone in need or would like to donate to help improve the life of a local family with a disabled child.

Some of your recent stories

We have recently been able to help out with providing a sensory room for a child with ASD and other developmental issues. This means he has a safe and calm place to de-stress and provides needed relief for his parents and carers.

A Crelling harness provided for a 4 year old means that his mother can now take him out in her car again. Prior to getting the harness from us she felt trapped, as her boy was able to self release from his restraint and her car became too dangerous to transport him.

A weighted blanket provided the opportunity for a mother to read a bedtime story to her son for the first time, as he was calm enough to listen.